Online Ordering for Pickup in Millehim, Lemont and Bellefonte

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Support your Local Foods Community & enjoy nutritious & delicious whole foods with our new Meal Pick-up Program! The IngleBean Team has been working hard to source, create & bring to you organic, natural & locally sourced nutrient dense foods which are ready to eat or simply prepare.

During these new times we are grateful to be able to sustain healthy local connections to our farmers, producers and neighbors! We will be working with natural foods chef Rebecca Larsen of future Gather & Co Sustainable Catering in Bellefonte to bring you these nutritious & delicious meal options. A healthy community is a strong community!

Please see our Ordering Schedules & 3 convenient Pick Up Locations below!

For questions or to order by phone please call 201.912.1570

IngleBean Coffee House
106 E Main St
Millheim, PA 16854

Order by 10pm Sunday for Tuesday 1-3:30pm pickup

Order by 10pm Wednesday for Friday 1-3:30pm pickup

Upper Cervical Center of Lemont
140 Mary Street
Lemont, PA 16851

Order by 10pm Sunday for Tuesday 4:30-6pm pickup

Order by 10pm Wednesday for Friday 4:30-6pm pickup

Big Spring Spirits Distillery
198 Match Factory Pl
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Order by 10pm Friday for Sunday 2:30-4pm pickup