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Episode-104-Cup of Joe with Joe

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Today is June 24th 2020 and it’s “A Cup of joe with Joe” live from The IngleBean Coffee House in Millheim, PA. A weekly what’s up in the valley so nice they named it twice, Penns Valley.

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ship and sip it!



Michael Arthur

Eric Spielvogel

Deborah Pieri


Kathryn Kline

Gayle Pletcher


Claudia Ciaccio

Patty Gruneberg


Larry Wolken

Evelyne Noel

Matthew Hansen

Millheim Hotel

Take out 11 to 6 

(814) 349-5994

SAT, JUL 18 AT 10 AM

5th Annual Munch Ride

Millheim Small Engines


(814) 349-5007

Millheims Farmers Market   

IT’S ON Saturdays 10 to 1pm

Millheim Boro

They are still out there working hard for us!

Calvary Church in Millheim

Pisano Winery


(814) 777-1530

June 28th 2:30 to 4:30

Anchor & Arrow at Pisano Winery

Sal’s Pizza

Open for seating delivery and pickup

814 349 5020

Elk Creek Cafe

Still taking togo orderers but not open for seating

It’s a Valley Thing!

Community Dance Party…Elk Creekside!

w/ Count Bass D

Saturday June 27, 4:00-7:00

1 814 349 8850


Open buy appointment only, please call dennis at 917.817.7250

Hosterman and Stover


Please call 814-349-8321 if you would like to arrange curb side

Samis Nursery



Friday Night Open Mic going on in house 

Woodward Camp

Open July 5th

Centre WISP

They offer speeds up to 30 Mbps

Larger expanding service area!

Bitcoin Price 


Silver Price



$1753 oz

Heating oil

1.69 gallon

Gas price


Feathered Hook Fishing update 

Road Report

Brush Mountain rd bridge is still closed


Human Interest

Song of the Day

Motley Crew

Dr Feel Good

If you are in the area and have something you want to share with the community email me at

Also if you could please tell your friends about all the craziness I have going on here with a podcast, Youtube channel, Inglebean

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